Brand Story


Blue Ocean, elegant and gorgeous Coral Reef,

Green Jungle, long living rich species,

White City fashion cities into natural,

What in Red Desert is a miraculous stone: Ayers Rock.

She dug into earth, stay here more than 10 billion years. Shining differently in different light, in every time, in various climates, from light red to dull red, from fiery-red to orange red, any red of Ayers stone brings incredible feeling into your hear.

These all is the spirit of our pureness, youth and vitality beauty brand.

Cole Value

Living & Energy

Natural & Explore

Color & Passion

Fashion & Adventure

Brand Concept

Multi-extraction, realize a indeed moderate formula.

Select high quality, stable materials, for the promise of perfect quality and safety.

Critical & demanding requirements do for accurate cooperation during manufacture.

Every time, delighted for leaving surprise and happiness to the real-self fashion girls.