Core Value

Vitality & Energy

In the unique environment, millions of species existed long time, bring sustainable power to the world. We study the secret of prosperity  species, awake vitality, leave skin vigorous.

Natural & Exploration

On this vast  Australia land, every geology, every  natural environment and every livings, complement and showing their changeful charm. we search the power and mystery of natural. Ideas comes from various beauty of livings fluently. They are fairies of natural.

Color & Passion

This interesting place, bustling city, enchanting beach, mouthwatering treats, everywhere is filled vitality color.

People love freedom and outing, countless Music lives is be held every year, The ‘Camphor leaves’ who leading the fashion, spreads the endless passion to the world. All young faces here full with happy and moving.

Fashion & Adventure

Fashion and population not only belongs to famous people, music TV, Catwalk show or magazines, we recommend women improve their glamour with make-up, encouraging them move a step to a romantic travel,  releasing their fashion dream.